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How to Carefully Maintain Your iPhone

Prolong life of your phone

If you decide to get a new iPhone, you must have good reasons

considering this type of phone is really expensive. When compared to is contemporaries, you can say that this is the most expensive. But you will wonder why there are so many consumers like you who still favor iPhone. 

Whatever the reasons are, the bottom line is, that phone must have cost you a lot and thus, it is just right that you should take good care of it. for a first time iPhone user, you must need some tips on how to take care of your phone. Check this out:

Clean your iPhone thoroughly

This is the most basic thing you should do to your phone, whether that is an iPhone or not. You see, because of the fact that we bring our phones everywhere with us, they are expected to accumulate all sorts of dirt and bacteria. To think that there are times when you have to hold the phone really close to your face at times, meticulous cleaning is really highly advisable. You should not use water though as it might get into the small parts of your phone, causing them to rust. 

Manage the battery

The battery is usually the first part of the phone that needs replacement. Especially if you happen to be a heavy user, you must make sure you charge your phone well before using. And as much as possible, you should not use the phone while it is still connected to the charger. At the same time, when you charge your phone, you have to make sure it is fully filled before using it. you can also try calibrating your phone, especially if this is already with you for a number of years. 

Don’t load your phone’s internal storage to its limit

It is a common knowledge that when the phone is already too full of apps, pictures and other files, it will tend to slow down. If you don’t want this to happen, especially if you are using this for your work, you should prune your phone every now and then. The moment you uploaded your pictures online, you can then delete them as after all, you can also download a copy if the need arises. This is also for you to always use your phone. You never know when a good opportunity to selfie will come!

Always backup your data

Yes, if you have important files in your phone, you have to make sure they are backed up. In fact, this cannot be stressed enough. As we cannot foretell the upcoming events, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

If by chance you need an iphone screen replacement, you can check out the accredited shops in your area. Check out their website here,  https://www.alphasupport.com.my/smartphone-repair/.   You are using an elite phone and thus, you should not use generic parts on it. Only buy any replacement from an Apple store as they are the ones who can offer authentic iPhone parts. 

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