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Get To Know Some Interesting Facts About Malaysia

Malaysia is a hidden gem in Asia. The country is sometimes disregarded since it lacks the economic might of its neighbour and former state, Singapore, and is not a well-known tourist destination like Thailand and Indonesia. However, a deeper glance reveals a country rich in history, fascinating people, and delectable cuisine. Here, we will share some interesting things about Malaysia. Even if you are working in one of the top MLM companies in Malaysia, you can still find some facts about Malaysia that you are unaware of.


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  • Milo for life

Milo (pronounced “my-low”) brings together toddlers and adults, foreigners and locals, monkeys and humans. Milo, a chocolate-and-malt beverage, is so important to Malaysian culture that local food courts and coffee shops will only serve it if they don’t have any chocolate. (“Would you like some hot chocolate? Milo?”) Iced, jellied and caked versions are all available. Have fun with it.


  • Jimmy Choo the shoe designer is from Malaysia

Jimmy Choo, a well-known Malaysian celebrity, is one of the most well-known celebrities in the world. Oh, we’re familiar with him: one of his famous pairs of shoes appeared in virtually every episode of “Sex in the City”! Choo was born in Penang to a family of shoemakers, so we observed a lot of Jimmy Choo-inspired street art as we ate our way around the city.


  • The largest flower in the world grows in Malaysia

The Rafflesia bloom is Malaysia’s most famous plant. The Rafflesia is the world’s largest flower, with a bloom that can span more than a yard in diameter. The flower exudes a foul odour when it blooms, earning it the term “corpse flower.” The odour attracts flies, which then carry pollen. Rafflesia blooms can be found in Borneo’s rainforests. Malaysia is one of 17 countries designated as having “megadiverse” species. 


  • Squat toilets still exist

You may have started your journey in Thailand, but you haven’t yet arrived in Singapore. As a result, squat toilets can still be seen at retail malls. Squat toilets are available at several locations, such as the Penang Tropical Fruit Farm. Let’s hope you’ve been strengthening your thighs and knees.


  • Eating with the right hand

Forget about cutlery! In Malaysia, eating with your hands is entirely natural. Finger food includes nasi lemak, roti canai, and banana leaf rice. One thing to keep in mind is that eating should be done with your right hand, as the left is considered “filthy” in Malaysian culture.


  • Honesty

Malaysia is a safe, kind, and honest country. This implies that food vendors won’t try to overcharge you for being a tourist, and you’ll generally get your RM50 ($12) note back. Malaysians, on the other hand, are ready to tell you what they think, particularly if they think you’re an idiot. Did you face the Malaysian rain and catch a cold as a result? “Pakai otak-lah next time.” (Use your brain-lah next time)

  • It’s raining outside

Malaysians refer to what foreigners refer to as a “storm” as “rain.” When the rain starts to fall, it sounds like a thousand bullets are being fired at your roof, which may or may not be blown away. The wind howls, thunder reverberates, and lightning splits the sky in half. 


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