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Foods to Eat Before Your Honeymoon to Boost Your Sex Drive

Men’s sexual health supplements in Malaysia – Libido boosters can certainly help increase a man’s sex drive but you also know what works? Eating the right kinds of food. In today’s article, foods that are known to help improve libido. Eat more of these and your desire for sex will come back.

Pumpkin Seeds

These contain a lot of Zinc, which is a mineral that is known to boost testosterone levels in both men and women. Zinc is known to block a certain enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen which is why men who eat pumpkin seeds receive the most benefit.


Celery contains the aroma of androstenol and androsterone. When you eat celery, the pheromones will travel to your sweat glands, making you more appealing to the opposite sex. Aside from that, celery is also known to contain arginine, which helps expand blood vessels similar to what Viagra can do to a man’s penis.


Not only does watermelon provide you with water during the hot summer months but it also helps improve blood flow to your sex organs as well. That is thanks to its rich citrulline content which, when ingested, is converted to arginine.


This particular vegetable is loaded with Vitamins A and C which can promote overall health. Aside from that, it is also rich in B Vitamins and potassium which are nutrients that are known to help improve one’s orgasms.


For so many years, oysters have been touted to be one of the most effective aphrodisiacs out there. That is probably because of its rich N-Methyl-D-aspartate content that is found to help increase sex hormones in both men and women.

Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers, in particular, contain loads of Vitamin C. This vitamin helps improve blood circulation which can also help fight erectile dysfunction in men.


Aside from giving your dishes some great flavor, truffles are rich in zinc that helps improve sexual function.


Men require consistent blood flow to their penises to help improve and maintain their erections. That being said, garlic can help them curb ED as it contains loads of allicin, which is an active compound that is found to improve blood circulation throughout the body.


A great snack to get, walnuts are rich in L-arginine which, when converted by the body, turns into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide can dilate blood vessels, thus improving blood flow to major areas in the body.

Sweet Basil

You can find this in your local farmer’s market or can be purchased in the pharmacy as an essential oil. Anyway, sweet basil is known to give off a scent that can help make men more attractive to the female populace.

It was found that during medieval times, men douse themselves with basil oil to make women swoon over them. You can pair basil oil with some pine nuts which will provide both men and women with a one-two punch that helps make them more appealing.

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