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Combining PR and SEO for your Marketing Campaigns


The main purpose of PR is to get potential customers to know about your brand by raising awareness through promotions – visual, verbal or written.

SEO on the other hand, aims to be found by consumers through search engines by ranking high in searches through certain factors.

Though before these two were considered different with no connection, marketers now believe that bringing these two together enhances success as they work hand in hand.

SEO company needs promotion to rank high in searches, while PR needs to send their message out to their target audience. Below are guidelines on how to make the two seemingly different industries work together.

Get stakeholders to buy in

To successfully bring PR and SEO together, you need influential people or those with the deciding power to get on-board your idea.

Show them the benefits of your venture like:

a) Trust development and leadership
b) Reach a larger audience
c) Rank better in SEO
d) Increase conversion and leads

Create a repository for your centralized keyword

PR can contribute to SEO in terms of keywords where it can create huge impact in increasing your influence and widen your reach. Do this by having a repository of centralized keywords that is used for both PR and SEO.

Then insert those keywords on interviews, press releases, brand mentions and bios. This
strengthens the bond between your keywords and brand recognition.

Consolidate your persona

SEO and PR both research the same elements in reaching audiences – Who, what and where. Combine the efforts of both departments to have a single persona.

Combine campaigns and efforts

These two departments should work hand in hand to complement each other. They can tap on each other’s resources like the media for PR and influencers and bloggers for SEO.

Consolidate your digital assets

Other than keywords, SEO and PR should share their assets to relay a consistent message. Crucial branding assets like press kits, logos, color schemes, catch phrases and taglines can be shared to ensure that all elements are centralized.

Centralize all efforts on content

By working together, they can identify similar tasks that they can consolidate and work on together maximizing efficiency.

Choosing the best channels

Steer away from using almost all channels there is out there. Select a few and test it out. Continue with what works for you, and then add a new channel that you can use. Delving on multiple channels at once can be inefficient.


Combining the efforts of PR and SEO can greatly increase your marketing efficiency and the strength of your campaigns.

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