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Cement Products Malaysia: 3D Resources SDN BHD

Cement products in Malaysia are ready to grab in almost every hardware store around you. Making a block of cement is not as easy as baking an apple pie. It is a tiring physical job to do. Apart from the fact that it is not edible, it is more than just a mixture. Chemistry is more than just what you learn in school. It is safe to say it does apply to almost everything. Like concrete retarding agent for example. A retarder is a substance that causes a chemical reaction to take longer. It’s used to keep plastics like wallboard, concrete, and adhesives from hardening too quickly. Other chemicals used are bonding agents, adhesives, and plasterboard. The cement used in a concrete mix contains no natural bonding agents. As a result, if new concrete is put on top of an existing concrete layer, the two will not bond. Until cured, the fresh concrete would sit on top as a distinct layer. There is so much to know in making concrete, and it may surprise you. 

One of the best cement products manufacturer is no other than 3D Resources SDN BHD. Born in the year 2002, this company has evolved into a big chemical trading corporation. They are specializing in specialized chemicals for a variety of industrial uses throughout the years, makes them the only solution you ever need in your concrete needs. 

cement products malaysia

What they are best at? Well, they will provide addictives such as a water reducing agent, a flowing aid agent, a setting time retarder, a setting time accelerator, a curing agent, an air detraining agent, a waterproofing agent, an anti-bleeding agent, a bonding agent, and a foaming agent, as well as other options based on your requirements. They also present 4 addictives which are Retarding set, Superplasticizer, Lightweight Concrete and lastly Water Reducing. 

The first one is Retarding set. It is concrete admixtures that are added to concrete before it begins to set in order to slow down the chemical reaction. They are commonly utilized to reduce the impact of high temperatures on the initial concrete environment, perhaps resulting in a speedier initial concrete environment. Set retarding admixtures are used in concrete pavement construction to provide additional time for building concrete pavements. This way it reduces the expense of installing a new concrete batch plant on the job site. Next is Superplasticizer. The primary goal of utilizing a superplasticizer is to produce flowing concrete with a high slump that may be employed in substantially reinforced structures and regions where it can withstand high vibration. The superplasticizer was discovered to improve the workability of concrete in most cement types. One issue linked with the use of a high-range water reducer in concrete is slump loss, so this is a useful additive.  

Next is Lightweight Concrete. It is a combination made up of lightweight coarse particles such as shale, clay, or slate that has a low density. As a result, lightweight concrete is well suited to the construction of modern structures with small cross-sections in the base. Lastly is the Water Reducing. When applied to concrete, water-reducing admixtures are chemical products that can produce the desired depression at a lower water-cement ratio than is generally intended. This one is widely used in concrete to obtain a specific strength while using less cement.

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