anime inspired nft in Malaysia market

Anime-Themed NFT Projects

Anime” means “animation” in Japanese. In English, it refers to Japanese animated entertainment. Manga, which literally translates to “comic book” in Japanese, is commonly used as a source of inspiration for anime series. One of the numerous internet communities that have thrived is the anime and manga communities. It’s no wonder that anime has thrived in NFT communities. Check out more at anime inspired nft in Malaysia market

While Azuki and Clone X have maintained their buzz following their mint, some of these Anime NFT projects have slowed down, and their floor prices have plummeted. Pre- and post-mint marketing must be consistent. Pre-mint and post-mint strategies, on the other hand, are not the same and should be employed with caution to keep your community close-knit and interested.

List of Anime-Themed NFT Projects


Azuki is the top Anime NFT project with a vast community that open to Anime and Non-Anime enthusiasts. Azuki begins with a collection of 10,000 avatars that provide you entrance to The Garden, an online community where artists, builders, and web3 aficionados come together to build a decentralised future. Azuki holders gain access to exclusive drops, experiences, and more.

Divine Anarchy

Divine Anarchy is a decentralised NFT experiment where sandbox game theory intersects with community choice to bring out creative utility, group formation, and an epic adventure. By getting a Divine Anarchy NFT collectable, gamers can engage in constructing an intricate plot, battling for ascension, and so much more.


Shinsekai seeks to develop the best NFT manga community and drive this industry into its final stage of maturation. To do so, they’ll publish a manga book, construct a Mangaverse, launch a clothing line, and subsequently produce more Shinsekai Corp-related products.


KOKU is a completely decentralised project with the goal of creating the most satisfied community in the NFT market. With 4 separate characters and 331 overall qualities, the art is completely hand-drawn. KOKU mixes culture and welcomes everyone with its collection, which combines Japanese character development with western fashion culture. Staking and giveaways will make exclusive characters and new 1/1s available to the community.


Hikari is a collection of ‘initiates’ made by Jeez and ChainX, starting with 5,555 Souls. Within the Gen-U experience, a soul’s energy can be transferred into an initiate and raised. The art that results is based on in-game decision data. Future collections, airdrops, comics, clothing, and playable characters in our MOBA: Legends of Hikari are all available to holders.


Karafuru, which is also inspired by Japanese cartoons, has the most distinct aesthetic of any NFT on this list. Karafuru’s incredibly bright, rounder, the more playful aesthetic is due to the super great artist WD.WILLY, while the other anime NFTs have a more conventional design.

Since its inception earlier this year, the collection of 5,555 NFTs have been quite amazing. Karafuru may not be a full-fledged blue chip, but with a current floor price of 2.94 ETH and a good holder distribution, it qualifies among today’s top anime NFTs.

anime inspired nft in Malaysia market

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