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5 Tricks That Will Make Your Site Look Like It was Done by a Pro

Your website has to look absolutely nice and professional so that people will feel comfortable spending their time looking at your stuff.

Although you can hire designer agencies to help you with the mammoth workload in designing a great site, some of them are easy to do and can be done by anyone without advanced knowledge.

Here are some tips that can help make your website look like it was done by a professional:

1. Create a Domain Name

The very first step to creating an amazing website is to, well, secure a domain. There are free domains out there, but that is not something that you want to get due to SEO reasons (more on this later).

So, you may have to spend a little bit of money to get your own domain. Once that is done, you should now come up with a name for it.

You should brainstorm some ideas while keeping in mind that your domain name is pretty much going to be your brand.

So, be sure that you come up with some names that you’re sure will reflect your intentions. Once you’ve done this part of the process, you can use the “Whois” lookup tool to see if there are other domains with a similar name. If there are none, you have to claim it so that no one else will.

2. Incorporate Some High-Quality Photos and Functional Sliders

When you’re looking to sell something, you have to use high-quality photos to accentuate the product.

For instance, when you look at a car-dealing website, you will usually find the latest models on the homepage that comes with a high-quality photo of the vehicle as well as a “Learn More” button at the bottom.

That is why it is important for you to do this. Make sure that the images that you use highlight the product you want to sell. Also, incorporate the same ideas that are present in other business websites like a “Learn More” or “Buy Now” button anywhere on the photograph you’re using.

3. Search Engine Optimization

So, you’ve created a domain name, you’ve put your theme, and you’ve incorporated high-quality images on your homepage, the next logical step would be to make sure that search engines can find your site. After all, if your site cannot be found, all of your efforts will be for nothing.

To help you with SEO, research some keywords or search terms that you know people will use to find your site. For instance, if you’re selling family cars, you can use keywords such as “modern family cars” or “family cars 2018” or something.

Next, you have to create some articles that talk about your product. Make it informative and full of knowledge so that people can tell that you know your stuff.

And also, make your website as mobile-friendly as possible since search engines are now making it a part of their criteria for page rankings.

4. Gain Credibility by Having Customer Testimonials

Popular retail websites like Amazon and eBay usually have a review section where people can talk about the products they’ve purchased from the site.

Testimonials actually have the same impact. If a person who has just visited your site sees that there are customer testimonials telling them that they’ve had a good experience with your service, then they, too, will not hesitate to follow everyone’s lead.

Leave a form with questions like “How did our product or service solve your problem” and “How can we improve our services to help serve you better?”.

Highlight great customer testimonials and place them on your site’s homepage so that people can see it.

5. Don’t Forget Those Buttons

And no, I am not talking about any other button. What I am referring to are the social media buttons. You know, those little buttons that help customers share information and stuff from your site onto their social accounts. That can be really helpful when it comes to brand coverage.


So there you have it. You do not have to hire a professional designing agency to do the above-mentioned things. You just have to have basic knowledge about how websites work and you can easily do the rest.

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